Boxman in the future

Boxman 'Boxer' Cubo== Boxman is a box which can walk and possibly talk. He was born in a world of drawing but in later years, he was zapped to the future and was taken out of the notebook. he appears in the year 2075 where the Time-Travellers appear to be. Boxman only meets the Time Travellers rarely after the War. Boxman is known as 'The Cuboid' or 'The Cube'. He is possibly Dill Jr.'s drawing in the past which means Dill Jr. was zapped to the future too along with his drawings.


He is known in Boxman: Drawing Madness to be 11 years old but in Boxman: Origins, he was only 8 years old.

But Boxman: Evolution, he is 17 years old.

Boxman is agreed or disagreed to have no age whatsoever.


He is just over an inch but in the Time Travellers in the future, he was just 50cm which means he's bigger out of the drawing.

He is claimed to be 1.1 inches in the World Of Drawing.


Bloxy(his mother)

Bricky(his father)

Boxyboy(his younger brother)


He appears to have a weapon in the future which is an AK-47. In the Drawing World, he has no weapons except his touch.


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