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Episode 8: Darty Dill and the Giant Mushroom


The Time Travellers

Dill Jr.


Darty Dill

Funky Kong

Meta Knight

The Giant Mushroom

The Mini Brain


The Time Travellers were on their 8th mission to defeat Mr. Evil again until they were called to do another mission.

3 days later, The Time Travellers returned to StanCorp and they found Dill Jr. lying almost dead on the ground. Hadi used the healing ability to heal Dill Jr. Them Dill Jr. told them what happened. It came to conclusion that StanCorp was attacked by a giant mushroom. Harith was confused and he didn't believe this until Dill Jr. showed him a hologram. Faisal went missing after that so everyone searched for him. Then the Giant Mushroom came back holding Dillette in his hands. Harith shot the Giant Mushroom's arm which came off immediately. Then Dillette was free and she fell in love with Harith even though Harith didn't really like her. Meta Knight and Funky Kong came and they told the Time Travellers that the Mini Brain is coming. The Mini Brain comes and Harith tries to shoot it until The Mini Brain told them to stop. The Mini Brain was actually a good guy. He gave them each health packs to regenerate. Then everybody went to BrainCorp to have a rest. The Giant Mushroom came and attacked BrainCorp which killed Dill Jr. Hadi cried when Dill died. Then everyone was lying very still on the ground until Darty Dill(Dill's father) came and destroyed the Giant Mushroom. Everyone was saved and happy enough except for Hadi. He missed Dill so much he held a photo of him. Harith cheered him up and gave him armor. But it wasn't really a happy ending for Harith because Dillette still fell in love with him. The End.