Dillette is the younger sister of Dill Jr. And the daughter of Darty Dill. Dillete always wanted to be in The Time Travellers and he she loves Travelling. She is born in 2000 which will mean

Haruno Sakura

Dillette Teenager(11)

That she is 11 years old,The same age as Harith

She likes to be known as Super-Girl and she is in love with one of the Time Travellers. She is a little bit fast.

She Joined The Time Travellers 2 Years Later

Bleach Yoruichi by knucklez09

Comic Version

In the New Series, She works in a hospital as a Junior Doctor.

She Is Known To Have Bright-Pink Hair




Unknown Magnum



Pot Of " The Scent Of The Poisonous Rose "

Disurbing Looks(Can Disturb Enemies)