2098 The Alien Queen by 14 bis

Episode 6: General Stan Returns





Lt. Stan

Meta Knight

Stan Boy

General Stan

Evil Stan Boy


The 3 Time Heroes were playing flight combat on top of StanCorp until Hadi's watch recieved message from Lt.Stan saying that General Stan is on the loose. The 3 Heroes teleport to Stan Harbour and they meet Meta-Knight who is fixing one of StanCorp's richest boats. Meta-Knight tells them that he will attack General Stan alone and he aboards the ship. Leaving the 3 heroes confused, Stan Boy came and told them that General Stan is attacking StanCorp. The 3 Heroes came to StanCorp and found Meta-Knight attacking General Stan. The 3 Heroes knew what to do and they helped. Lt. Stan came and helped too. General Stan became unconscious and he was put to New New York Prison.

Episode LengthEdit

14 minutes long

Trivias/Goofs/Weird ThingsEdit

  • The 3 Heroes were playing flight combat on StanCorp but StanCorp is not very high.