Halo 3- Arbiter and Blade


Episode 2: The Next Mission was made on July 18th 2010





Lt. Stan


Dill Jr.

Big Brain

Fish Head

Squid Guy

Pinball Head

Stan Boy


Hadi and Harith chills out in the future until Lt. Stan comes and tells them that BrainCorp(The Big Brain's Company) is expanding rapidly. Hadi and Harith finds wisdom as they travel through their new mission. they meet Dill Jr. who says that his twin sister Dillette is captured in one of the cells of BrainCorp. Hadi and Harith overhears the conversation between the Big Brain and Dr. Jackhammer. Hadi and Harith finds a lonely moan in one of the cells and breaks the cell. They rescue Dillette but that is not all. The Big Brain has overheard the noises of Jailbreak and comes to do his combat attack. After attacking the Big Brain, Hadi and Harith escapes and explodes BrainCorp. They almost die of thirst until The StanCopter comes to rescue them. They were saved by Faisal and Lt. Stan. They meet Stan Boy and the 3 young soldiers from the episode before. The End.

Trivia/Goofs/Glitches/Weird ThingsEdit

  • Dr. JackHammer only appeared in 3 episodes and he only appears very shortly. He appears in non-important appearances.
  • Faisal wasn't mentioned during the beginning of Episode 2. He must have been helping StanCorp.
  • BrainCorp must be placed on a hot desert because it was very hot there.