Halo 3- Arbiter and Blade


Episode 4: Time Recovery

It was made on August 2nd 2010






Lt. Stan(Past)

General Stan(Past)

The Big Brain(Past)



The Reflection

Mr. Evil



Lt. Stan told the 3 heroes that he was the brother of General Stan and he told them how Lt. Stan, General Stan and The Big Brain were friends 100 years ago. Lt. Stan tells them that a new villian called Mr. Evil is shadowing the future and making Harmful Darkness to Earth. Mr. Evil then corrupts Lt. Stan's mind and a reflection comes out of his brain making a Lt. Stan reflection. The Reflection attacks the 3 heroes and Faisal uses his super ability belt he built in Episode 2 to attack The Reflection. The Reflection gets defeated and Lt. Stan gets eviler. he tries to attack Hadi until Dill comes and uses his super jet power at him. Lt. Stan turns to normal and Mr. Evil comes with loads of darkness. he has caged Dillette. Sonic comes to join the 3 heroes and Dill. After several tries, they defeat Mr. Evil and they find a AK47. This is how Harith became well-armed later on. The End.

Lt. Stan's Past(100 Years Ago)Edit

Along Time Ago, Lt. Stan and the rest were humans. During World War 2, Lt. Stan found a containable object and it was a sacred Orb. General Stan and The Big Brain comes to see but as Lt. Stan's Orb explodes in his hands, They were transformed to aliens. Later on, Lt. Stan was known as Colonel Stan, making his bro and friend jealous. then General Stan and The Big Brain created Havoc ever since.