Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova a.k.a Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Episode 7: Time To Get Funky






Dill Jr.

Funky Kong

Meta Knight

The Big Brain

Lt. Stan

Stan Boy

The Mexican Brain


The Heroes were playing their Xbox 720 until explosions came and attacked StanCorp. they went outside to see the noise and it was Lt. Stan fighting the Big Brain. The 3 Heroes call Meta-Knight, Dill Jr. and Stan Boy to help so they did until The Big Brain zapped them to FunkyTown in Sourthern Meta-Spain near Meta-Morrocco. The Heroes and the gang desperately needed help as they were confused. Then The Mexican Brain came and attacked them. They then wonder who was The Mexican Brain. Meta-Knight ignored that and attacked The Mexican Brain until everyone was nearly dying. Funky Kong(Meta-Knight's son) came and soon attacked the Big Brain with his mighty gorrilla powers. The Time Travellers wonder if that was Meta-Knight's son because it's a gorilla. After The Mexican Brain's death, the Gang teleported back to New New York City. But there were still explosions in StanCorp. The Heroes find Dillette dying. They give here The Cure and they defeat The Big Brain. After The Big Brain teleports somewhere far, the three heroes and the gang goes back to StanCorp. Then Meta Knight gives Hadi a machinegun and Funky Kong gives Harith a Sniper-Rifle. The End.