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Time Travel(Episode 1)== Episode 1: Time Travel was made on July 9th 2010.





Lt. Stan

Pinball Head

Squid Guy

Fish Head

Dill Jr.


Big Brain

Robot Viking

Big Brain Robot 1


It began with Faisal, Hadi and Harith building a time machine. Harith tested it out and it resulted in a time continuum to the future. Harith was zapped to the future in the year 2060. He found an alien called Lt. Stan and his 3 younger soldiers(Pinball Head, Fish Head and Squid Guy). Lt. Stan gave Harith an ordinary home-made cookie. later, the cookie turned to a laser gun. Then the Big Brain Robot came and captured Harith until a young boy came. It was Dill Jr.. He destroyed the robot and represented his sister, Dillette. Later, Harith went back to his own time and told Faisal and Hadi his story. a few hours later, A Robot Viking came and captured Harith to the future. Hadi and Faisal then went to the future using the Time Machine. Then they met up with Lt. Stan. Lt. Stan gave them a cookie each which made Hadi and Faisal accidentally want to eat them. they ate the cookie making them each have super-duper-strength and super-duper speed. then they went to Brain Corp and defeated the Big Brain(The Boss). They then rescued Harith and saved the day. Faisal got a phone call from his mom and went home while Harith and Hadi explores the future. The End.


Big Brain

Big Brain Robot 1

Robot Viking