Xing Stan at age 9

Xing Stan(Known as Xing Yan at birth)== Xing Stan was the very ancient chinese Ancestor of Lt. Stan. Xing Stan was born about 20 years before Ghengis Khan ruled Mongolia and he tried to invade China. Xing Stan was the poorest person in the world around that time. Xing Stan was from the Western Part Of Japan but he moved to China when he was 2 months old. Xing Stan killed Ghengis Stan on top of a Mountain but no-one knew about Xing Stan because he was a Secret Alien wearing a Chinese Disguise. 50 years after that, Xing Stan died because of Old Age. They built a statue of him on top of Mount Everest but that would mean Edmund Hillary saw it thousands of years later but he didn't mention it to anybody accept his pal who climbed with him. Three Billion People thought he died of Hunger.