Halo 3- Arbiter and Blade


Episode 3: Young Stan was made in July 25th 2010.





Lt. Stan

Pizza Clerk/Lady

Big Brain

The Winkies(Doctors)

Young Stan

Old Man Hadi

General Stan

Stan Boy


Harith, Hadi and Faisal went hungry and they visited the best restaurant in the future, Pizza Patty's. As they ate through pizza and chips, they paid a lot of money to the Pizza Lady. Meanwhile, The Big Brain gets fixed by little creatures known as The Winkies whom they are extraordinary doctors. Soon, The Big Brain rises to power and attacks the frightened Winkies then kills them. Meanwhile, The 3 Time Travellers find themselves late for the meeting with Lt. Stan. they leave Pizza Patty's to find Lt. Stan waiting impatiently. Lt. Stan mentions that It is National Stan Day to mark the survival of 7 billion lives 60 years ago. The Big Brain comes and attacks the Time Travellers. Then they find the rusted Time Machine and forgot about defeating the Big Brain. they went in the Time Machine leaving Lt. Stan with the Big Brain. The Time Travellers find themselves in their own time and they meet a younger Lt. Stan and an 8 year old Fish Head. They then travelled to the Future to the year 2080. They visited an old man who turned out to be Hadi. Old Hadi got captured by Lt. Stan's twin, General Stan. Harith made General Stan unconscious and the 3 heroes travelled to the year 2060. Then they defeated the Big Brain and saved the day, rescuing Lt. Stan too of course. The End.